My Feelings in Art Class for Children (Online Class)

In this class we will be creating a drawing inspired by Picasso’s blue period and making a collage.  Children will have the opportunity to process their feelings through art and discussion with the support of their peers.  This class will use the format of the Healing Circle.

Please have these supplies ready and in place before we start: blue drawing supplies (pencils and pens will work) and paper and collage materials (glue, scissors, scrap papers, recycled materials and old magazines to cut).

This class is for ages K- 3rd Grade and is $10 per student.

Facilitated by Helen Spaw, MPS,Director of Special Programs – Special Needs Ministry, Fine Arts Academy, and Healing Art Circles at St. Paul’s United Methodist. 

For the link to register and pay online or for more information, please email Helen at