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I am in awe at what important work you do. It is such deep loving, caring work . . . deep, deep heart work.


Welcoming community and very relaxing experience! I definitely recommend for anyone going through a tough time or just looking for someone to listen.


Vets helping Vets, a safe and fun zone for veterans to heal through sharing.


The Healing Circle (for Grief and Loss) seems to be helping her if even for a little bit.  She feels better afterward and is glad to have somewhere to release her sadness.  Yesterday’s Circle was a profound example of releasing the many emotions of grief.  It was cleansing and needed.


When you have tried everything you know, which included professional help, to make the hurt, anger, pain to go away. The Healing Circle was the place to help understanding it’s okay to hurt and be angry and the pain will go away. This place (the Circle) was a safe place where I could share and no one tried to fix me, I just wanted to be heard . . . finally someone heard and shared my anger, hurt and pain


. . . sometimes in order to re-cover we need to un-cover.

Frank, veteran


Participating in healing circles is an effective emotional reboot. I always leave sessions with renewed clarity. I also feel that healing circles is helping me to be a better listener and friend.


I am a 68-year-old male who has been fighting a long and arduous battle with two separate primary cancers for 16 years.  In September, 2002 I gave up my home in Tampa, Florida to obtain cancer treatment in the Texas Medical Center in Houston.  With my family living in another country, I handled all of my treatments, appointments and hardships alone until March, 2016 at which time Healing Circles Houston reached out to me and offered the opportunity to participate in their small and intimate advanced stage metastatic cancer support group for cancer patients dealing with cancer circumstances similar to mine. 

I had just learned from my oncology team that I had exhausted all avenues of medical treatment relative to my disease, other than various forms of Palliative Care.  Being in this group was the beginning of an amazing transformation in my life.  We met weekly and developed a closeness and family-like bonds like I had never experienced before.  The depth of sharing of our feelings and fears at all levels of emotion was incredible.  The founders of Healing Centers Houston brought an extremely high level of compassion and understanding, and created an environment where all participants obtained immense emotional healing. 

I will be forever grateful for the understanding and peace that Healing Circles Houston has fostered in my life as my cancer continues to progress in my daily life.


. . . sometimes in order to re-cover we need to un-cover.

Frank, veteran