News and Updates

The latest news from Healing Circles Houston such as:

  • New Healing Circles
  • Extension or discontinuation of current Healing Circles
  • News about other types of events
  • General updates about HCH
  • Participant reviews

Healing Explorations Blog

Multiple authors contribute posts to the Healing Circles Houston blog.  Their individual biographies can be seen adjacent to their respective entries.  Topics include but are not limited to coping, healing, listening, surviving, growing and internal exploration.

If you’re interested in submitting a written exploration for consideration, please send us a message and include “Blog submission” in the subject line.

This Week’s Healing Reflection

Motivational and reflective ponderings from around the planet and throughout the centuries.  Shared wisdom from a wide variety of philosophies and realizations to help us heal.

If you’d like to submit a Healing Reflection, please send us a message, indicate “Healing Reflection” in the subject line and let us know if you’d like to credit you or post it anonymously.  Thank you!