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January 25, 2018: Read HCH Director Susan Rafte’s touching Tribute To Those Who Strongly Held The Rim” about some of Healing Circle Houston’s original dear souls.

January 24, 2018: Update: the next cycle of Healing Circles for Grief and Loss at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church has been pushed back two weeks. We’ll now be starting those on Feb. 21, not Feb 7, and they’ll run through May 2nd.
More information here.

January 23, 2018: Bellaire United Methodist Church will begin hosting a FREE 8-week Mind-Body Skills Group series called Building Resiliency Post-Harvey from January 30th to March 20th.  RSVP and a commitment to attend are required.
More information and information on how to sign up are here.

January 17, 2018:  Due to very popular demand, we’ve added a SECOND weekly gathering of Weathering the Storm – Building Resilience Post-Harvey at The Jung Center, this one on Thursday mornings!  Take a look at why this one is so popular.

January 16, 2018:  Our newest series of Healing Circles, Re-Emerging After Harvey: Mind-Body Tools to Deal With Stress and Trauma, a Center for Mind-Body Medicine project.  “The sessions will be both educational and experiential, with practices including meditation, guided imagery, art, movement and mindful eating.”

This cycle involves making a commitment and will be conducted in Portuguese.  These gatherings will be for a select group of attendees and are closed to the public.

More information here.

January 11, 2018:  Another week of great news.  The next cycle of Healing Circles for Grief & Loss, one of our most popular Circles, is set to start February 7th. Come heal with us.
More information and information on how to sign up are here.

January 2, 2018: As we begin a new year with lots of new opportunities in motion, we’re overjoyed to announce the addition of Becky Dodds to the Core Team of Healing Circles Houston.
More about Becky here.

December 29, 2017: Blessings for the New Year.

May the sunrise of 2018 bring all of us peace and contentment throughout the year.

​Holiday Greetings from the Core Team!

Happiest of holidays from all of us on the Healing Circles Houston Core Team! As the year comes to a close, we reflect on the connections and loving friendships we have been blessed to experience.
We’ve had a fantastic year with more than 300 Healing Circles in 2017 and we look forward to new growth and new opportunities in 2018!
– Susan, Belle, Freddy, David, Ed, Becky, Helen (not pictured)

December 21, 2017:  The Healing Circle for Hosts and Guardians will continue each second Wednesday throughout 2018.  Details here.
Stay tuned for more Healing Circles to be scheduled very soon, including new ones at St. Theresa Catholic Church in Memorial Park and Temple Emanu El on Sunset!

December 6, 2017:  Healing Circles Houston is working with the Institute for Spirituality and Health and a group of prominent behavioral health organizations to build teams to respond to and provide relief from local crises.  The group has a grant to develop and train community leaders who can respond to the Mental Health challenges from Hurricane Harvey, and also be a force for future challenges.  The training is led by Dr. James Gordon of the Center for Mind Body Medicine, Washington DC.  CMBM.org goes all over the world developing these teams to respond to trauma from storms, war or other traumatic events.

They are seeking to train the trainers, leaders already imbedded in community where these crises/ events may have the greatest impact.  The Institute for Spirituality and Health, Menninger Clinic, Houston Galveston Institute, the Jung Center, Compassionate Houston and Healing Circles Houston are involved.  A specialized training of 100 community leaders and professionals will begin this Thursday through Sunday, December 7th through the 10th, with an Advanced training starting early January.  Facilitation of mind-body skills groups for those impacted from Hurricane Harvey will follow in ensuing weeks.  We look forward to serving those still suffering from the hurricane, and sharing what we learn with our community.

November 28, 2017:  GREAT news! Owing both to its popularity and wonderful attendee feedback, we’ve extended our weekly Veterans Helping Veterans Healing Circle at St. Paul’s through March!  Click here for more information and please share with anyone you think might benefit from attending.
And thank you!

November 16, 2017: An article about Healing Circles Houston was recently featured in the Houston Chronicle‘s Examiner edition for the City of Bellaire.  Read it here.

The Examiner is a weekly, region-specific version of the Chronicle produced for different areas of Houston with different content focusing on each of the respective regions.  The scope of Healing Circles Houston is city-wide and not limited to Bellaire but Healing Circles Texas Director David Spaw was interviewed for the article and the end result was excellent.

November 15, 2017: A great week of great news! We’ve added yet another series of “holiday blues” type of Healing Circles for Nov. 26th and December 10th & 17th (all Sunday mornings) at St. Paul’s United Methodist!
Please click here for more information on this “Circle of Light in the Darkness” Healing Circle and to RSVP.
And please share with your friends, family or whoever you feel might benefit from attending!

November 13, 2017: We’re pleased to announce the first of our newest Healing Circles series, Healing Circles for Holiday Blues, at St. Theresa Catholic Church in Memorial Park, Tuesday evening, December 12th.
Click here for details and to RSVP.
More dates and locations TBA!

November 7, 2017:  HCH is introducing a new Healing Circles cycle to begin this month, Healing Circles for Holiday Blues.  One to three of these Healing Circles will be hosted at each of three different locations including St. Paul’s United Methodist Church and at the location of our newest affiliate which will soon be announced.  We’re extremely pleased about the development of this cycle and about our new affiliate; stay tuned for dates, times and locations to be announced very soon!

October 31, 2017:  Three of the six HCH Core Team Members attended the Mental Health 101 session this morning at  Mental Health America of Greater Houston.  This training is “designed for professionals new to mental health, case workers, non-licensed professionals, outreach/direct care workers and anyone who is seeking to understand the basics of mental health. The objective of Mental Health 101 is to provide accurate information about the basic knowledge of common mental health disorders, and help identifying their signs and symptoms; to help address the stigma of mental illness; and to identify resources for people in need of support and care.”

For more information about the vast availability of mental health services and educational opportunities available through MHA Houston, please visit their website.

October 10, 2017:  The Deep Listening Healing Circles at The Jung Center have been extended through December. These dynamic, interactive Healing Circles will definitely add to your emotional skill set not just to your benefit but to those closest to you. Come check one out.  More information here.

Check our calendar often for updates and come heal with us.

October 9, 2017:  A reminder that Healing Circles are ALWAYS free to attend . . . but as a not-for-profit, public benefit organization, we do very much appreciate any donation that you’d like to make.

Thank you!

October 8, 2017:  Deep Listening Healing Circles have been extended at The Jung Center through December 28th.  These Healing Circles occur every 2nd and 4th Thursday (except Thanksgiving) and more information can be found on the Healing Circles Houston event calendar here.

October 5, 2017:  New to the website, we now have a Healing Explorations blog to the Healing Circles Houston website.  New thought- and soul-provoking posts will be added on an occasional basis and the first five were contributions from gifted, much appreciated associates at our sister organization, Healing Circles Langley.

If you’re interested in submitting a post for consideration, please let us know.  Thanks very much and we hope you benefit from the new blog section.

October 4, 2017: As of today, the very page you’re reading right now is a major part of our website to help keep anyone interested in attending a Healing Circle, current participants, Hosts and Guardians up to date about Healing Circles Houston.

Please let us know any time you have any questions or input about Healing Circles Houston.

September 25, 2017:  Recovering from the Storm Healing Circles is our newest series of Healing Circles in response to the tremendous need for healing in the wake of the very difficult 2017 hurricane season.  Click here for more information.

St. Paul’s United Methodist across from the MFA will be adding similar Circles shortly and we’ll announce those when they do.

September 21, 2017: Interested in becoming a Healing Circles Host and/or Guardian?  Click here for more information about the requirements, expectations and rewards.  Please let us know if you have any questions or are interested in attending an Orientation for Healing Circles Hosts.